New version of macrodemos

A new version of my Python macrodemos package is out! It’s a tool for teaching/learning macroeconomics and time series concepts. And thanks to @GoogleColab, now you don’t even need to know or have Python to run it! Just go to this website.
Once open, run the first two cells (to install macrodemos on the cloud), then run any demo you want:

  1. ARMA_demo to learn about ARMA models,
  2. Markov_demo to simulate Markov chains, or
  3. Solow_demo for the Solow-Swan growth model.

Just play around with any parameter and see all plots update to learn its effects. You can even download any plot you want, by clicking on the camera icon in any of the plots. BTW, @GoogleColab is completely free, you just need a Google account to use it.